Construct the Future

Construct the Future: An Exhibition about alternative living


Julio Barreno Gutiérrrez

The building of innovative affordable homes is at the core of our mission as a business and so we are hosting an exhibition titled Construct the Future in order to bring together different ideas about how we can bring good design to the affordable housing sector. Construct the Future will showcase interdisciplinary practitioners from around the world, including established and emerging artists and architects who have something to contribute to the ongoing discourse around alternative living. Construct the Future is open to the public from Friday April 8th to Sunday April 10th.

Exhibited work includes: a wearable refugee shelter; a sustainable living tower inhabited with edible plants and fish; a digitised 3D model that envisions new spatial possibilities; an interactive musical installation for the London Underground; as well as zines, poems, essays, films and illustrations. There will also be a noticeboard with details of collectives and organisations that deal with some of the issues surrounding affordable housing in the UK.

Exhibitors for Construct the Future were selected from an open call for submissions that fitted around the themes of accessibility, community and technology. The open call asked how can we innovate to provide accessible housing, how can we build structures that support community life without dictating it and how can technology support people to co-create their environments. Native will be offering three awards for exhibitors that strongly capture the three core living principles and themes. The winners will be announced on the Friday of the exhibition, 8th April.

We hope to see you there!

Construct the Future
The Hoxton Gallery, 59 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX
Open to the public 8-10th April 2016


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