Construct the Future

Construct the Future: Full Exhibitor List

2201 Broadway (Still), Web-GL Generative Animation, 2016: Will Hurt

Image: Will Hurt


We’re getting very excited about Construct the Future. Read the full exhibitor list and their bios below:

Landscape 5, Architecture of a Problem, Natalie Andrews

Natalie Andrews has worked mainly on large scale abstract paintings that explore our relationship with the environment. Andrews is interested in the way spaces are defined by people, usually connected to some grand idea or utopian attitude and how they affect those who inhabit them. By exploring this she hopes to deepen her understanding of our connections to space and community.

Cohab, Lauren Chapman

Lauren Chapman, born in Memphis, Tennessee, is an architect based in New York. Chapman holds a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from the University of Memphis.

Progress and Harmony for mankind, Ting-Ting Cheng

Ting-Ting Cheng, born in in Taiwan received her MA in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster and graduated from MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in 2014.Her work examines the imagination of the future in the 70’s, 90’s and now, exploring the possibilities of Utopia and Dystopia.

Risk patterns (selected), The Native sally, Rishi Dastidar

Rishi Dastidar’s poetry has been published by the Financial Times, Tate Modern and the Southbank Centre amongst many others, and was most recently in ‘Ten: The New Wave’ (Bloodaxe, 2014). He is a consulting editor at ‘The Rialto’ magazine, a member of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen, and also serves as a trustee of Spread The Word.

A Common Place, Aidan Doyle and Sarah Wan

Aidan Doyle and Sarah Wan are practicing architecture in Seattle. They first met while working on competitions at Safdie Architects in Boston. It was during that time they discovered they shared many similar ideas of what architecture was for and what it could be. Doyle studied architecture at Clemson and Yale and Wan studied at the Univeristy of Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Types and Stereotypes, Nafsika Efklidou

Nafsika Efklidou is an architect based in the Netherlands. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1990, she graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2014. Between 2014-2016, she studied at the Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design. Her interests focus on the cultural role of the architect within contemporary society.

Tatlin, Robert Fung

Robert Fung, born in LA, escaped the cycle of poverty and violence to find salvation within the belly of London’s bourgeois art world. Despite years hanging around Mayfair galleries he has never been able to fully run from his gangland past. Fung is a member of School of the Damned and studied Fine Art & Visual Culture at Bristol UWE.

Refugee Wearable Shelter, Gabriella Geagea, Anne Sophie Geay, Cassie Buckhart, Eve Hoffmann, Anna Duthie, Jess Wang, Hailey Darling, Zara Ashby, Ruben Van den Bossche, Giulia Silovy

Royal College of Art Interior Design & Textiles students have developed an innovative and multi-functional wearable dwelling in direct response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Lead project tutors Dr Harriet Harriss and Graeme Brooker set the design brief. The RCA programme supports the notion that the interior is an agent for social change.

Core, Tamrat Gebremichael and Nicholas Muraglia

Tamrat Gebremichael and Nicholas Muraglia recently completed their Masters in Architecture program at the Yale School of Architecture. Gebremichael works as an Architectural designer in New York, Muraglia works as an Architectural designer in Paris.

Cohabitation, Chessin Gertler

Chessin Gertler is an architectural designer, artist, and photographer based in Boston. He holds an AB in East Asian Studies from Harvard College, an MA in East Asian Studies from Stanford, and an M.Arch I. from the Yale School of Architecture.

Coluoirs à habiter, Federico Giacomarra

Federico studied Architecture and Science of the City in Milan and Rome. His works explores the relationship between architecture, environment and technology. His projects have been showcased by a number of institutions, including MoMA in New York. He has received the Architizer A+Award and MOs Building Award.

Tracing the New City, Isabel Gutiérrrez Sánchez and Jorge Martin Garcia

Jorge Martín García and Isabel Gutiérrrez Sánchez met at the School of Architecture in Madrid twelve years ago. Isabel completed a degree at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a MSc in City Design and Social Science at the LSE. Today she is doing a PhD at the University College London. Jorge is studying for a MA in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins.

Colorful Paper Architecture for Kids. An imagined fancy world to be lived, Julio Barreno Gutiérrrez

Julio Barreno Gutiérrrez is a Spanish architect who has always had the same desire to construct the best imagined architecture – spaces which people can not only use, but also enjoy. Recently Gutiérrrez got his Doctorate Degree in architecture from the University of Seville.

How do we live? Thoughts on compiling an A-Z of contemporary habitation, Beatty Hallas

Beatty Hallas is an artist living with her young family in London. Hallas proposes purposeful, peripatetic and continuous humane activity. She has exhibited at Whitstable Biennale, Space Station Sixty-Five and spoken at This is not a gateway as well as initiating her own responses to sites and circumstances.

Untitled, Ella Kate Harrison

Ella Kate Harrison aims to explore the tension between the minimum wage, the London living wage and the comparison to rising rents in London. Harrison was born in Yorkshire in 1989 and has since studied at Manchester School of Art and Camberwell College of Arts. She currently works from a studio in Brixton.

Automated Spatial Transformations (59 Old Street), Will Hurt

Will Hurt works exclusively with computers to produce digital prints, generative animations and interactive software that questions viewers’ relationship with the built environment. Captivated by the economics of generative programming, Hurt employs simple algorithms in 3d engines that when combined and repeated indefinitely give rise to complex, unexpected interactions that are never the same twice.

Medium Office: Housing Study 001, Alfie Koetter and Emmett Zeifman

Alfie Koetter and Emmett Zeifman met at the Yale School of Architecture. Koetter is a studio critic at the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University and the Yale School of Architecture. Zeifman is an instructor in design studio and visual studies at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Life Between Streets #2’, Susan Leen

Susan Leen, based in Paris, graduated from Central Saint Martins with an M.A. in Performance Design and Practice in 2009. Leen undertook a Social Cartography course with Quartier du Monde in Paris and she has worked with different groups using these mapping techniques, such as women’s groups, children, refugees and people experiencing homelessness.

Fit for (Re-)Purpose, Huren Marsh

Huren Marsh (MA) is an academic, designer and curator. He lectures in interior architecture and design and is a fellow of Interior Educators. He undertakes collaborative creative projects under the practice of Studio Hah which had one of the highlighted installations in the London Festival of Architecture 2015.

Wooden Rucksack (Balm Box for City Living), Sophie Mason

Sophie Mason is an artist and a community grower working in London. Her practice explores our relationship to the natural-urban environment and the connections of care we can draw between community, environment and self. Through drawing, object making, performance and gardening she tries to foster these connections.

Flexible Domestic Infrastructure, Brian Spring

Brian Spring is from Ohio, USA and is currently living and working in London as an architect.  He was trained at The Ohio State University and Yale University.  His interests reside in hybridizing media and representation as it relates to architectural production.


R.a. Szy relocated to Elephant & Castle in the early 2000s to study Graphic Design/Typography. He found himself occupied with the ideals of community, activism and anarchy. These interactions have continued to influence his movements within London, movements which have paralleled his renewed enthusiasm for Design and his desire to merge these interests.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, Di Wang and Hyun Jong Won

Di Wang is studying architecture at the University of Waterloo, Canada. His work focuses on the modes and processes of re-urbanization, and responses to emerging urban activities. Hyun Jong Won, is also studying architecture at Waterloo. His design philosophy hinges on the idea that architecture and nature are inseparable.

Cohabitual Fissure, Craig Woehrle

Craig Woehrle holds a BS in Architecture and a BA in Fine Art as well as an MA from the Yale School of Architecture and a MLA from Harvard GSD as a Dean’s Merit Scholar in Landscape Architecture. Craig has worked for various architecture firms, design offices and fabrication ateliers during his career.

The Publicization of Private Space, Rob Wellburn

Rob Wellburn is an urban planner and designer. He completed his Masters in Urban Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he became interested in exploring the spatial politics of the built environment. Wellburn lives in Newark, NJ – but home will always be here in London.

Construct the Future

Construct the Future: An Exhibition about alternative living


Julio Barreno Gutiérrrez

The building of innovative affordable homes is at the core of our mission as a business and so we are hosting an exhibition titled Construct the Future in order to bring together different ideas about how we can bring good design to the affordable housing sector. Construct the Future will showcase interdisciplinary practitioners from around the world, including established and emerging artists and architects who have something to contribute to the ongoing discourse around alternative living. Construct the Future is open to the public from Friday April 8th to Sunday April 10th.

Exhibited work includes: a wearable refugee shelter; a sustainable living tower inhabited with edible plants and fish; a digitised 3D model that envisions new spatial possibilities; an interactive musical installation for the London Underground; as well as zines, poems, essays, films and illustrations. There will also be a noticeboard with details of collectives and organisations that deal with some of the issues surrounding affordable housing in the UK.

Exhibitors for Construct the Future were selected from an open call for submissions that fitted around the themes of accessibility, community and technology. The open call asked how can we innovate to provide accessible housing, how can we build structures that support community life without dictating it and how can technology support people to co-create their environments. Native will be offering three awards for exhibitors that strongly capture the three core living principles and themes. The winners will be announced on the Friday of the exhibition, 8th April.

We hope to see you there!

Construct the Future
The Hoxton Gallery, 59 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX
Open to the public 8-10th April 2016